feeling grateful.

This happens when I was travelling to other countries with my family for a short break from school, work, and other things. I traveled to Singapore that time thinking I could communicate by myself knowing that the people there mainly uses English or Melayu language. With that mind-set, I gained self-confidence and walked to wherever I want with ease even if I'm not with my family, foolish I know, but I was a little child that time that has nothing to fear.

So one time,when my mother and my older sister were shopping, I got kind of bored and lost interest and tried to search for my father and my older brother. However, I couldn't find them so I just ended up wandering on the streets alone, basically the definition of lost child. Stupidly, I was still calm, thinking that somehow I would stumble upon my family or just ended up going back to the shop. But, I can't go back to the shop because I can't remember my way back and I can't call my family because I didn't ha…


One time in a library, 2 girls accidentally grabbed the same books without knowing.

Imala : "Wow, we have the same taste in books! May I get to know you? I'm Imala!"  Avieda : " Yes, I like this book too! I'm Avieda, happy to know another person that likes this book" Imala : "What other type of books do you like? I mainly like fantasy novels" Avieda : "I like fantasy novels but I like romance novels too" Imala : "Good choice! By the way, what class are you from?" Avieda : "I'm in X Science 3, what about you?" Imala : "WHAT?! We're in the same class! How did I never get to recognize you?" Avieda : "Hahaha. Well, maybe because it's our first day of school, you know?" Imala : "Maybe we can hang out sometimes?" Avieda "Good idea! Anyway, my dad's already outside to pick me up! See you later!" Imala : "See you later!"


To anyone reading this or just stumbling upon this post, hello and welcome to my blog and my first post! Formally introducing myself, I was given the name Imala Askania Faza by my parents but you can just simply call me Mala if you want. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia on June 10th, 2002. My mother gave birth to me at my local hospital that was unfortunately, closed down when I was living my life as an elementary school student. 

I currently live with my parents and 2 older brother and sister, which goes by the name Irham and Maudy that is respectively 7 and 8 years older than me and is now whether at college or work. 

I'm currently living my life as a first-year student at 3 National Senior High School. I started my journey as a student at my local playgroup and kindergarten that is not very famous or commonly known to public for its small name. For elementary and middle school, I attended Taruna Bakti. 

Mainly, I gained my group of friends from my former school, Taruna Bakti that …