short story.

John Whittington & His Cat A long time ago there was once a poor boy called John Whittington who had no Mummy and Daddy to look after him so he was often very hungry.  He lived in a little village in the country. He’d often heard stories about a far away place called London where everybody was rich and the streets were paved with gold. John Whittington was determined that he would go there and dig up enough gold from the streets to make his fortune.  One day he met a friendly waggoner who was going to London who said he would give him a lift there, so off they went.  When they reached the big city John couldn’t believe his eyes, he could see horses, carriages, hundreds of people, great tall buildings, lots of mud, but nowhere could he see any gold.  What a disappointment, how was he going to make his fortune? How was he even going to buy food? After a few days he was so hungry that he collapsed in a ragged heap on the doorstep of a rich merchant’s house.  Out of the house came a c…


Gathapraya was a cultural event that was awaited by everyone, mainly the students of 3 National High School Bandung that was involved in the process. The date of the event was September 30th 2017 at Lapangan Bali, Bandung, but the committee have worked for months and months before the event. As I'm also a part of the committee, I also experienced the hard work, the pain, all of the things the committee have given in order to make this event more successful than all the previous event.

The name "Gathapraya" itself means hope for the future so this event signifies as our hopes for the ever-growing culture of Indonesia and a sign that all of us youngsters still care for the continuity of the rich and various culture of Indonesia. To make this event successful, the committee worked very hard every single day preparing for the day. We sell food daily at school to increase our budget, sell merchandise, and conducted various sub-event to collect funds and increase the hype and e…

spiny bush viper.

Spiny bush viper is venomous snake native to Africa. These snakes live in Congo, Uganda and Kenya.The species typically inhabits regions of rainforest, since these contain large numbers of flowering bushes. Most of these regions remain far from human habitation, making encounters rare.This snakeis known for its extremely keeled dorsal scales that give it a bristly appearance and has proven to be more toxic than researchers previously thought.

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:ReptiliaOrder:SquamataSuborder:SerpentesFamily:ViperidaeGenus:AtherisSpecies:A. hispida
In addition to a small size, the Spiny Bush Viper displays a moderate degree of sexual dimorphism. Males attain an average length of approximately 73 cm, while females only average 58 cm. Furthermore, the males have a much more slender shape than the females. 
The head has a short snout (more so in males than females). The species also has relatively large eyes. The coloring varies significantly between ind…

empire state building.

Hello! Me and my friend, Avieda just made a video about the Empire State Building and uploaded it to youtube! There, you can found out all the things about the Empire State Building. If you're interested in checking it out, please click on the link down below!

upcoming holiday.

Mala : "Hey, Vida! What's your plan for the upcoming holiday?"
Vida : "Hey, Mala! I don't know, sleep maybe."
Mala : "What about our plan to go to Dufan with our middle school classmate?"
Vida : "Oh, right! I forget about that! Are we really gonna go there for sure?"
Mala : "Let's make it happen!"
Vida : "I should ask the others then, to ask their plan for the holiday so we can plan our trip."
Mala : "Yeah, let's do that!"
Vida : "Thank God I will have a plan for the holiday, I was thinking I will spent my holiday wasting
             time all alone on my house."
Mala : "Oh my God, me too! I thought I was the only one."
Vida : "I can't wait for us to hang out together again, I really miss my old class."
Mala : "Yeah, my new class really felt different, my old class fits me so much."
Vida : "I will contact you later when the other have replied to me.&qu…

feeling grateful.

This happens when I was travelling to other countries with my family for a short break from school, work, and other things. I traveled to Singapore that time thinking I could communicate by myself knowing that the people there mainly uses English or Melayu language. With that mind-set, I gained self-confidence and walked to wherever I want with ease even if I'm not with my family, foolish I know, but I was a little child that time that has nothing to fear.

So one time,when my mother and my older sister were shopping, I got kind of bored and lost interest and tried to search for my father and my older brother. However, I couldn't find them so I just ended up wandering on the streets alone, basically the definition of lost child. Stupidly, I was still calm, thinking that somehow I would stumble upon my family or just ended up going back to the shop. But, I can't go back to the shop because I can't remember my way back and I can't call my family because I didn't ha…


One time in a library, 2 girls accidentally grabbed the same books without knowing.

Imala : "Wow, we have the same taste in books! May I get to know you? I'm Imala!"  Avieda : " Yes, I like this book too! I'm Avieda, happy to know another person that likes this book" Imala : "What other type of books do you like? I mainly like fantasy novels" Avieda : "I like fantasy novels but I like romance novels too" Imala : "Good choice! By the way, what class are you from?" Avieda : "I'm in X Science 3, what about you?" Imala : "WHAT?! We're in the same class! How did I never get to recognize you?" Avieda : "Hahaha. Well, maybe because it's our first day of school, you know?" Imala : "Maybe we can hang out sometimes?" Avieda "Good idea! Anyway, my dad's already outside to pick me up! See you later!" Imala : "See you later!"